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Aesthetic Dermatology is a field which has gained popularity and made rapid strides over the last 2 decades. Procedures have become less invasive, simpler, and effective- most procedures can be now done during lunchtime. It is not surprising that more and more men and women are seeking these treatments. At the same time, these treatments have raised expectations and aspirations amongst people. There has been a commercialization of these procedures with all and sundry wanting to perform them. It is therefore important that adequate, honest information is made available to the patients so that they can make an informed choice.

Aesthetics requires a combination of

  • A practical application of scientific knowledge
  • Appreciation of beauty
  • A perfection of workmanship
  • Skill attained through proper training and clinical experience


At Venkat Center, we have all modalities of treatment available- Injectables (Botulinum Toxin and Fillers), Peels, Lasers of different types, Energy devices of different types etc. And we have the expertise to perform these procedures and trained nursing staff to support. The team is led by the renowned Dr. Venkataram Mysore and complemented by dermatologists Dr. Vani Yevpuri, Dr. Priyadarshini Gaddagimath, and Dr. Jaidev who have all undergone a fellowship course in the field. Dr. Aniketh, with his surgical background, completes the team. And yes, all this come with our well-known commitment to evidence-based practice and care for all.

Expertise, experience, and ethics are combined to give safe and effective outcome to all our patients.

Venkat Center is proud and honored to be a part of

Dr. Venkat is president of DASILAssociation of Cutaneous SurgeonsInternational society of hair restoration surgeons of IndiaInternational society of aesthetic and plastic surgeons of IndiaFournier and field liposuclptors group - DASILAmerican Society of Liposuction SurgeryFederation of Cosmetic and gynaecological societies of IndiaAssociation of Plastic Surgeons in India

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