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At the Venkat Center, we have several patients from all over the world. We are dedicated to provide the best and latest in healthcare to all our patients, irrespective of country. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by our international patients, to help you make your decision and plan your trip.

International Patients 1

Why choose the Venkat Center Bangalore for your procedure?

At the Venkat Center, our motto is ‘Expertise. Experience. Ethics’

Expertise– It is our endeavor to provide the latest and best treatment available. Dr. Venkat is recognized as a world authority in dermatology. Dr. Aniketh has trained in the best centers in the world including Taiwan, Dubai, Istanbul, Belgium, UK and USA. Together they have published several textbooks and papers on all aspects of dermatology and plastic surgery. Dr Jayashree is trained in liposuction from Dr Jeffrey Klein USA and is specialized in liposuction for women under local anesthesia. Dr Deeksha is our ENT and head-neck surgeon, specializing in allergy care. We also have a team of dermatologists .The unique combination of multiple specialities enables you receive comprehensive and holistic treatment that is tailor made for your requirements.

Experience– Started in 2003, Venkat Center Bangalore is recognized as a leading center in dermatology, plastic surgery and hair transplantation, having treated thousands of patients. The center is accredited to Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences and has trained scored of doctors from around the world. We also have several visiting doctors from around the world who come to train with us.

Ethics– at the Venkat Center Bangalore, we believe in the responsibility of our profession and are committed to the well being of our patients. It is our aim to provide honest, unbiased responsible affordable treatment. We are committed to our social responsibility with our Shraddha clinic for the underprivileged.

Why choose Bangalore, India for your cosmetic procedure?

International Patients 2

India is a global hub for medical practice and innovation. Our medical training system is among the best in the world, which is why so many doctors worldwide are of Indian origin.

At the same time, along with excellence, India is known for its affordability. Innovations in the private sector have enabled state of the art treatment at a fraction of the cost of other countries. Moreover the cost of medications is also very low, and patients can carry their postop medications home.

India is also extremely convenient, since most of the population speaks English and navigating within the country is easy. And Indian hospitality is legendary built on the principle of ‘athithi devo bhava’ meaning ‘a guest is next to god’

And last but not least, India is known as ‘Incredible India’ for a reason! There is no dearth of the amazing sights and locations to see in this vast country. You can easily combine your procedure with a tour or vacation for an unforgettable visit. This can still be more economical than your procedure back home!

Bangalore is recognized as the silicon valley of India. A vibrant multicultural city, in 2019 it was listed in the top 20 cities for startups in the world, and the highest ranked city in India for prosperity and inclusion. Bangalore is extremely easy to navigate with universal English signage and literacy, with a wide number to apps for every convenience. Also known as the garden city, it is renowned for its pleasing weather year round. Bangalore International airport has won several awards, and is recognized as one of the best in the world, with direct connectivity with several international hubs.

Bangalore has a wide range of sights to be enjoyed, with delicious local cuisine. The princely city of Mysore is only 2 hours away and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Other attractive locations in Karnataka include Hampi, Mangalore, Coorg etc. For your stay, it boasts of over 12,000 hotel beds of all categories, all with in reasonable cost.

International Patients 3

In short, you can plan your trip to Venkat Center Bangalore for not just getting top quality surgery, at a reasonable cost, but also as part of your holiday

How can I plan my procedure?

You procedure will be discussed by video consultation from your hometown. Multiple consultations are arranges to satisfy your questions and doubts. Dr. Aniketh will work to understand your needs and offer you the best plan, discussing all the pros and cons, with realistic advice on your procedure and recovery. We will advice investigations which can be done either at your home place of as soon as you land in India.

What procedures can be performed during my stay?

Multiple procedures can be combined as per your requirements. We perform many of our procedures such as hair transplant, liposuction under pure local anesthesia. Others such as rhinoplasty, breast surgery are performed as day care procedures. Few procedures such as tummy tuck or facelift may require overnight admission. They are all predictable safe surgeries with minimum downtime and after care.

Several antiageing and  dermatological procedures  such as Botox, fillers, threads, lasers can all be performed easily as opd procedures during your recovery from surgery.

How can I plan my travel?

Once you decide to go ahead with your hotel beds of all categories, procedure, we will help you schedule a procedure as well as travel dates. If you are planning on touring India at the same time, we will guide you on how best to schedule your procedure.

We will also offer assistance in planning your stay including location, transfers etc. Our travel partner can also help with your visa and airfare, and schedule your tour as required.

How will my recovery be?

We will assist you with overnight admission where required and follow up visits as your procedure demands. We will ensure you are fit to travel before you return.

If you are traveling along and are hesitant about staying alone in a hotel during recovery, we would help you with admission at a hospital for observation which would be around 80-100 dollars per night

What if I get problems after going back home?

This is a common question asked- but you have nothing to worry. Only surgeries that are safe to be performed during your stay would be advised. Every possible course will be informed. We will advise you beforehand how many days you would need to recover in India before traveling back safely. We will be in touch with you through out and our telephone numbers will be provided to for seeking help. In addition, we have contacts with doctors throughout the world and in the rare instance  of help being needed, we will assist you.

If you require more information or want to plan your procedure, do get in touch with us!

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