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The Venkat Center for advanced dermatology is a unique dermatology institute dedicated to delivery of world class advanced skin and cosmetic treatments to all sections of patients. Contrary to popular belief that skin departments and clinics are small units, the center is housed in a specious independent building of over 4200 sq.ft. (with four floors), and provides advanced dermatology care (including phototherapy, including targeted phototherapy, dermatopathology, allergy etc), cosmetic dermatology procedures( such as Botox, fillers, peels etc), cosmetic surgery (such as hair transplantation & liposuction), lasers of different types and aesthetics.

The institute has Dr Venkataram Mysore and Dr Jayashree Venkataram as directors, four dermatologists, a plastic surgeons and anesthetist are consultants. All the dermatology staff have teaching experience and have experience in different fields in dermatology. There are seven nurses, two lab assistants, five secretaries, one office coordinator, pharmacist, one office boy, security, driver and three ayahs as staff. The center has a laboratory with histopathology facility and a pharmacy. The institute has five computers, with fax, networking, software for patient data and accounts and broad band internet connection, UPS and generator facility.

Looking for the Best Dermatologist in Bangalore?

We are a state of the art center for advanced care in dermatology and plastic surgery in Bangalore, India. First started in 2003, the center has risen to an international institute of excellence, and a pioneer in several fields including dermatology, hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and more. The Venkat Center is also a postgraduate training center with fellowship programmes recognized by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. At the Venkat center, it is our commitment to provide the best and latest in skin and plastic surgery care.

Dr. Venkataram was one of the pioneers to introduce hair transplantation in India after training in Korea. Dr Jayashree similarly was a pioneer in tumescent liposuction after training in USA. Both of them grew to become internationally recognized authorities in their fields, and the center has performed over 3000 hair transplants and 1000 liposuction to date.

Dr. Aniketh is a board certified plastic surgeon, and one of the most extensively trained cosmetic surgeons in India with multiple fellowships from the best cosmetic surgery in places like Belgium, Dubai, Istanbul, USA. His areas of expertise include, Body contouring, Face Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Brazillian Butt Lift, Hair Transplantation, Varicose Veins, Reconstructive Surgery & Burn reconstruction.

They also introduced several other facilities such as lasers, aesthetic and skin treatments, to establish Venkat Center as a premier skin institute in India.

The Venkat Center – Vijaynagar
The Venkat Center – Cunningham Road
The Venkat Center- Laser Center
Dr. Venkataram Mysore | The best dermatologist in bangaloreDr. Venkataram Mysore is one of the best dermatologist in Bangalore, India and the world. He is a unique combination of dermatologist, dermatopathologist and hair transplant surgeon, with over 30 years of experience in different countries. He is the only Fellow of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), President, Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons India 2014, and the Chief-editor of books on Cutaneous & Aesthetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation. Dr. Venkataram has served previously as the consultant dermatologist and head of dermatology at the Arabian Gulf University Medical college and Salmaniya medical complex, Bahrain. He has been a postgraduate teacher for over 13 years and has published/presented over 85 research papers. He is currently the President of Dermatologists and Aesthetic Surgeons International League (DASIL). He was also awarded the prestigious Field Medal by the American Society of Dermatosurgery (ASD)- the first and only Indian to receive this honour. He was awarded the International appreciation from international league of dermatological societies, 2016. Read more…

Dermatological Departments at Venkat Center

Facilities exist for the treatment of Acne (pimples), Acne scars; Punch transplants, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, fillers. Hair transplantation for baldness, laser hair removal Leucoderma; melanocyte Grafting, micro pigmentation. Surgical excision of tumours including skin cancer. Electrosurgery for warts, skin tags. Cryosurgery for warts, vascular tumours. Laser for hair removal and resurfacing. Dermal micro pigmentation. Liposuction, Lipo-sculpturing. Removal of Wrinkles-injection botox, fillers.

Facilities for detailed investigation and treatment of allergic Skin diseases:-

  • Patch Testing
  • Prick Testing
  • Radioallergosorbent test (RAST)
  • Desentisization

The Center possesses a whole body Cabinet of Ultraviolet A(320-360nm) and UVB light( narrow band 311nm) for treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo Etc. Separate Hand and Foot models are also available. More importantly, for the first time in Bangalore, we have a new machine for targeted light therapy-the advantages of this method are:

  • Delivery of high doses of UV
  • Selective exposure of only involved areas.
  • Quick delivery of dosage

Management of male infertility and impotence, Counselling for sexual diseases and AIDS.

Special Ointments will be prepared to suit individual requirements.

This, being the main area of interest of Dr Venkataram, concerns with the interpretation of skin biopsies.


The dept also provides counselling and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

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Dr. Venkataram Mysore

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