Dr. Venkataram & Dr. Aniketh At Haircon-2019, Indore

Dr. Venkataram & Dr. Aniketh were recently invited as faculty at HairCon-2019 held in Indore. They shared their expertise in the field over several sessions. Highlights of the sessions are provided below.

Dr. Venkataram Mysore & Dr. Aniketh Venaktaram were invited to Haircon 2019 in Indor to share their expertise in the field

Topic – Pharmacology for Hair Restoration

Objectives of the session

  • Review the role of finasteride and minoxidil in pattern hair loss
  • The importance of pharmacological therapy before and after surgery
  • To get an update on the status of Finasteride (w.r.t to Post finasteride syndrome) in the practice of hair restoration
  • To get clarity on whether empirical use of nutrients benefits hair loss patients
  • To look at newer drugs in clinical trials on the anvil for hair loss management

Dr. Venkat shared his views on “Evidence based guidelines for AGA management” during the session.

Topic: Logic and Mathematics of Hair Transplant

Objectives of the session

  • Use the available hair in the most effective manner.
  • Avoid over-harvesting and making the donor look thin.
  • Plan for multiple sessions of surgery over a patients lifetime.

Dr. Aniketh shared his expertise on the topic during the session.

Dr. Aniketh being honoured for his session at HairCon 2019 Indore

Topic: Would you prescribe Finasteride to your patient?

Objectives of the panel discussion

  • Whether it is safe to use Finasteride in patients and what is its role today in management of MPHL

Dr. Venkat was a panelist and shared his views on the topic.

Topic – Surgical Restoration – FUE

Objectives of the session

  • To understand the physics behind FUE
  • To understand indications and contraindications to FUE
  • The importance of punch characteristics
  • Describe the key concepts of FUE using different devices.
  • Explain how the devices work.
  • List the main pros and cons of each device
  • Managing the difficult FUE case – Afro textured hair, splayed grafts, Long Hair grafts – How to choose the correct punch and technique

Dr. Venkat shared his expertise on “Physics of FUE” during the session.

Topic -Non-Scalp Donor Areas – 1 (Beard)

Objectives of the session

  • Using non scalp hair – indications and contraindications
  • Anesthetizing non scalp areas for donor harvest
  • Limitation & Complications of non-scalp harvest

Dr. Venkat was the chairperson for the session and managed the discussion on the topic.

Topic – Poor result – Dissecting causes and suggesting solutions to avoid the same

Objective of the panel discussion

  • To understand the reasons for sub optimal results and suggesting solutions for the same

Dr. Venkat was the moderator for the panel discussion and managed the discussion on the topic.

Topic – Pathological Hair Loss

Objectives of the session

  • Describe many hair loss disorders as well as common scalp dermatologic conditions that the hair transplant surgeon may encounter.
  • Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of many non-androgenetic alopecias.
  • Recognize when hair restoration surgery is indicated and contra-indicated

Dr. Venkat shared his views on “Scarring alopecia management Role of Surgical treatment” during the session.

Dr. Venkat was also a speaker on the discussion about “Stem Cell Therapy”