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The Staff of Venkat Center stays updated with the advances in dermatology and attend several conferences & events to increase their knowledge. Check out some pictures from the events attended by Dr. Venkataram & the staff @ the venkat center

Dr. Aniketh speaking on Rhinoplasty at COSDERM

Dr. Aniketh Speaking on Rhinoplasty at COSDERM India 2018

Dr. Aniketh was recently invited to the 22nd annual COSDERM India 2018 to share his expertise on Rhinoplasty. He provided an overview of rhinoplasty to benefit many dermatologists on the surgical aspects of Rhinoplasty. Here...
Dr. Aniketh's article appeared in Aesthetic Society News, Summer 2018 edition

Dr. Aniketh’s Article in The Latest Issue of Aesthetic Society News

The journal is available at: Publications of Aesthetic Society News
Dr. Venkat at Portoroz, Slovenia

Title Talk on Rejuvenation in Brown Skin at Portorož Slovenia

Dr. Venkataram was invited to present a title talk on Rejuvenation in Brown Skin at Portorož, Slovenia. Here is his presentation on the topic. The slides are set at 30 seconds per slide. Please use arrows at the...
Dr. Venkataram at Continental Congress of Dermatology

Events Attended

Dr. Venkataram has been a prominent authority in Dermatology and is often called upon to deliver talks at various conferences. Recetly Dr. Venkataram attended Spring Continental Congress of Dermatology, Tehran, Iran. He shared his knowledge...
Dr. Venkat at ACSICON2018

Dr. Venkataram at ACSICON, 2018

Dr. Venkataram recently attended ACSI conference, in Daman from 27 April to 29 April, 2018. Here are some images from the event.
Dr. Jayashree at HAIRCON

Recent Advances in Liposuction

How we’re driving the obesity pandemic ULTRASOUND LIPOLYSIS:  Recently machines have been marketed with claims of decreasing fat by ultrasound machines. These are expensive machines needing further evaluation. What is Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy is a technique of administration of...
Dr. Venkat at HAIRCON

Recent Advances in Hair-transplant

Giga sessions: It is now possible to perform over 4000-6000 grafts by combining different methods. This is done as follows: Day 1 morning- FUE about 500-600 grafts. This loosens the skin and helps us to take...